Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hurry Up And Wait

We had a relaxing 4 day stopover in Paris in route from Bamako to California.  Yesterday, we arrived without incident at LAX.  We used a brand new phone app that was just implemented by US Customs that allowed us to bypass the lines for passport processing and customs and fast tracked us to the next available agent.  This reduced what is normally a 30-45 minute wait down to less than five minutes!  Unfortunately, one of our pieces of baggage was missing so all the time saved was made up hopelessly waiting at the baggage carrousel.  90 minutes later, we were on our way hoping to be reunited with our bag in a couple of days.

We picked up our rental car and headed to Tustin, where we’ll be staying for the next five months.  We’re grateful to be staying in one of Calvary Church’s missionary houses for the duration of our trip.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

I’ll Be Right Here

BXC Sendoff - June 2017Today was an emotional day at Bamako International Church as we bid farewell to our congregation.  There were a lot of tearful good-byes.  Due to the transient nature of the international community, many people will be gone by the time we return.  A strong sense of community and family has been built at the church and we are going to miss everyone dearly.  Starting this church has been John’s vision for many years and it’s a joy to see it come to fruition.  But in the end, it’s not our church, it’s God’s church and we trust He’s going to continue shepherding it while we’re gone.  We are so grateful for Frank and Sharon Arthur who have stepped forward to lead the church until their retirement in November.

John’s message today focused on departure.  He began with famous good-bye movie clips from E.T. (yesterday marked the 35th anniversary of E.T.), Casablanca, and The Jesus Film.  He spoke about Jesus’ ascension, promise of the Holy Spirit, and Pentecost, fulfilling God’s promise of never leaving us alone.

At the end of the service, Frank led in the church in prayer for us and sent us off with a wonderful blessing.