Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Are You Ready For Some Football?

CAN2002 - People Watch Jesus FilmIn the past, we have hosted a unique ministry centered around the Africa Cup international soccer tournament.  It began 15 years ago by putting our TV in front of our house to share the soccer games with our neighbors, followed by showing the Jesus Film after each game.

143We currently live in a house with a big dirt lot just outside our front door which often serves as a local soccer field.  This year, we set up a large projection screen and stretched 150’ of cable from a TV satellite dish on our roof to a projector to share the games with our neighbors and people passing by.  After the games, we would show the Jesus Film in Bambara – the local dialect in this part of Mali.  We had 40-50 people watching the game, and 20-40 watching the Jesus Film each night.  It would usually be two groups of people – the men would come for the game, and the women would come afterwards to watch the film.

We had several partners help out this year including our Liberian pastor friend Daniel Tieh, and a few people from our YWAM Bamako Team.  In addition to showing the Jesus Film, we handed out Gospel tracts and Bibles.  Many people showed an interest in the Gospel and we collected many phone numbers to contact people for more personal conversations.  On the last night, one of our neighbors even asked to be baptized!

2529As many of you were watching the Super Bowl on Sunday, we were just finishing the final match for the Africa Cup as Cameroon beat Egypt, wrapping up the 3 week tournament.  We battled mosquitos and endured dust for 18 nights from 7pm – 11pm.  In the process, we built many bridges and forged new relationships with our neighbors.  Truth be told, we weren’t thinking of doing this ministry this year, however our neighbors started asking when we were going to show the Jesus Film again!  Who can say “no” to that!  

Please be praying for the people who saw all or parts of the Jesus Film.  May they be moved into following Christ as their savior.  Also, please be praying for Julie as she prepares to host more intimate showings of the Jesus Film in our home for the women in our neighborhood.

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