Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Love Boat

25th Anniversay CruiseEverybody sing the song…Love, exciting and new, come aboard, we’re expecting you…

We received an incredible gift from John’s mom – a cruise to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.  We departed from Los Angeles harbor for a 7 day cruise up the coast of California to Vancouver BC aboard Princess Cruises Golden Princess.  It was the trip of a lifetime!

Sailing Ship SpiritTwenty five years ago, we were married in LA Harbor aboard a 90’ sailing yacht.  It was beautiful to reminisce about our wedding day as we passed the boat we were married on in the harbor along with Angel’s Gate Lighthouse as our cruise left Los Angeles.

We were looking forward to a chance to relax and unwind, so we didn’t didn’t get off the ship and explore many of the ports of call during the cruise.  We were also careful about limiting our daily activities to 1 or 2 a day to keep from becoming overwhelmed with the variety of things to do onboard.  We even limited our trips to the buffet trying our best to keep from increasing our BMI.

We arrived relaxed and refreshed 7 days later in Vancouver.  We did spend a couple of hours in Victoria and Vancouver at the end our cruise.  With all of our world travels, this was our first trip to Canada.  We bought a Tim Horton’s donut and totem pole souvenir magnet to mark our visit and insisted on getting our passports stamped to prove we’d been to the Great White North.