Friday, August 10, 2012

Extreme Makeover

We’ve been quiet the past few weeks as we’ve taken a time of sabbatical to find God, process all that’s happened in Mali, and explore our future options.  The situation in Mali sadly remains unchanged.  Islamic extremists now control 2/3 of the country and there is still no functioning government in place following the coup in March.  Unfortunately, military intervention by other nations including the United Nations and US is eminent.  We are expecting a long and bloody conflict.  We’re weeping thinking about all that has happened in Mali and the grave things waiting on the horizon.

Bamako Christian Academy will remain closed next year as most missionary families have left Mali and won’t return until stability is reestablished.  This greatly affects our family’s ministry.  In light of these things, two weeks ago we were asked to relocate to northern California to serve at a YWAM base in Chico – a couple of hours north of Sacramento.  We will help lead a missionary training school for future YWAM missionaries and preparing them for mission trips to Guatemala and Fiji.  Although we were reluctant to accept the position at first, all the pieces have fallen into place, including finding a small Christian high school for Cole just fifteen minutes from the YWAM base, and we have adopted this new direction in our ministry. 

Although we were expecting to remain in SoCal for a few more months, our timeline has changed considerably as school begins for Cole on Monday and our training school starts at the end of August.  We’ve had to quickly pack our belongings (actually, we haven’t really unpacked since arriving from Africa) and make plans to drive to Chico on Sunday the 12th.

It is very hard for us to be leaving so quickly without a chance to meet with most of our friends and supporters.  We’ve been looking forward to reconnecting with everyone in person, and sharing all that’s happened the past couple of years.  But we feel God is asking us to go immediately and we are trusting in His perfect timing.

We are planning to stay in Chico for the next two years so that Cole won’t have to change schools again before graduating.  We will be living on the YWAM base in Richardson Springs, just outside of Chico.  Although our location assignment is changing, we will continue to be missionaries with YWAM relying on the financial support of individuals and our supporting churches.