Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Open Heart Surgery

Heart TransplantProfessor John and his Biology class completed their first successful dissection.  The project called for sheep hearts.  Thankfully, we have two sheep butchers within 500 feet of our house.  John was able to pick up a heart for each student at a total cost of $3.00 – much cheaper than ordering them from a science supply company in the States – and having them still warm added to the authenticity.  In the interest of being “green”, we were thinking of recycling them for Valentine’s Day, but they were pretty mangled by the time they were finished – a broken heart isn’t the best Valentine gift.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Global warming…yeah, right.  Like Alaska, we’ve been suffering an unusually cold snap lately.  Temps have been dropping down into the low 60s at night.  During the day, we’re donning jackets as the temps hover in the low 80s.  We have really acclimated to the heat in Mali and the lower temperatures send us seeking any kind of warmth.  Keep in mind that our home has no heater, our car has no heater, and the warmest jackets we have are hoodies.

Happy StarWe were downtown on Saturday night and stumbled upon a new restaurant.  We were so excited to see the Carl’s Jr. Happy Star beckoning us from across the road.  But alas, disappointment set in when we realized it was a pirated version of the logo and the restaurant resembled nothing of an American fast food restaurant.  Yes, we could have gotten a hamburger complete with fried egg and french fries inside – nothing close to a Famous Star hamburger.  Reality bites.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Bonne Année 2012

New Years Eve 2012Happy New Year from our family to yours.  We are doing fine.  We’re sorry if we left you hanging with our lack of communication since our last post about security issues.  There have been no further incidents and we consider our situation relatively safe.

We had a rockin’ New Year’s Eve celebration on the rooftop of a friend’s house with a great view of fireworks at the Presidential Palace along with skyrockets all over town.  We’ve also enjoyed sharing the Holidays with our fellow YWAMer Lorna, who’s been staying with us since being evacuated from Northern Mali.  Anne-Marie returned today from Christmas with her family in Fana so our house is full again.  Together, we wish you a wonderful 2012!  (Two thousand twelve or Twenty Twelve? – you be the judge)