Monday, October 31, 2011

Team Work

Rose Drive TeamEvery year in Mali, the missionary women in the community host a women’s retreat and conference.  It’s a getaway weekend for the ladies that’s full of good teaching, worship, friendship, fellowship, and refreshment while basking in the luxury of a local hotel.  This is especially a blessing for women that travel in from the bush.  A visiting team usually comes out to Mali to lead the conference.  Julie, along with 90 other women, attended the retreat this weekend.  As an added bonus, the team that came out this year was from Rose Drive Friends Church in Placentia, California – one of our supporting churches!  We enjoyed hosting them before, during, and after the conference.  One of the pastors from Rose Drive accompanied the team and spent the weekend with John and Cole while Julie and the women enjoyed the conference.

Rose Drive Team MealIt was exciting to share our ministries with some of our friends.  Although we only had a day with them around outside the conference, we managed to show them Bamako Christian Academy, our YWAM Bamako base, and the land we are purchasing for our new base.  We also had a chance to show them around Bamako and do a little shopping.  We even treated them to a Malian meal that we served Malian style – fingers only from a community bowl – no silverware.

These are the first and only visitors we’ve had since John’s dad visited us in 2003.  They were an incredible encouragement to us. We’re looking forward to our next visitors – perhaps it could be you!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Studio Time

Studio FakolyTiken Jah Fakoly is a well known Reggae singer in Africa.  He’s originally from Ivory Coast but now lives in exile in Mali.  His music contains a lot of political themes and he has gained many friends and enemies as a result.  His music is very influential in Africa and he’s gained popularity in the global arena too.

Our school had a chance to take a field trip to Tiken Jah Fakoly’s recording studio which is right across from our house and just down the road from school.  It is the largest recording studio in Mali.  We got a tour of the studio and an explanation of how the recording process happens and how an album is produced.  Recently, Tiken Jah added a small concert hall and night club on-site and we had a tour of that as well.  We didn’t have a chance to meet Tiken Jah, however we’re making arrangements for him to visit our school.  We’re really hoping to develop an ongoing relationship with him.  We already feel a connection with him as our family is living in his former house.  John in particular has a heart for Tiken Jah and is anxious to become friends and share the Gospel with him.  A man of his influence and stature could have an amazing impact if he comes to know the Lord.