Monday, June 28, 2010

What About Bob

Bob's Big Boy Yesterday we spoke at Lytle Creek Community Church in a small mountain community in San Bernardino.  We are always blessed to visit Lytle Creek.  We had the special privilege of staying in a beautiful log cabin on Saturday night hosted by a couple from the church.

One the way home, we spotted a Bob’s Big Boy and decided to stop for some world famous Big Boy hamburgers at this SoCal landmark restaurant.  We are making our way through the restaurant list we prepared before leaving Mali and our waistlines are beginning to show it.  Thankfully it will all come off without trying once we return to Mali.  Until then, we’re following the Biblical advice of “Eat, drink, and be merry”.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Coming to a Theater Near You

Look to the right, and you will see that we’ve published our speaking schedule for California.  We’re anticipating there will be a lot of additions, so check back regularly for updates.  We’ll be speaking on a variety of topics depending on the group.  If you’d like any further information or directions to any of these events, please let us know.

Besides these group events, we’re also meeting with a lot of individuals and families.  We would love some one-on-one time with you, so please contact us at your convenience so we can schedule a rendezvous with you.

Friday, June 25, 2010

0 Miles From Disneyland

Dland Dumbo Yesterday we visited Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure.  One word sums up our day:  Overwhelming.  Even though we’ve been to Disneyland literally thousands of times (REALLY!), we were not prepared for the sensory overload.  How did we do this in the past?!  Our slow paced lifestyle in Africa is a far cry from the high energy environment of Disney.

We ended the day by watching the new World of Color show.  It was a beautiful show, however it was just too much for us to take in after a long day of cultural readjustment.  Julie had to turn her back to the show about halfway through.  Perhaps it was just a matter of too much, too soon for us.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Picture This

Prayer Card 2010 - Small As per our tradition, we have created a new prayer card with an updated photo upon our return to the States.  One of the most dramatic changes you’ll notice is how much Cole has grown.  In the past, he used to stand in front of us, but now, he’s taller than Julie!

TRIVIA:  We have taken each picture throughout the years somewhere on the Disney property in Anaheim.  Can any eagle eyes guess where our photo was taken this year?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

All Present And Accounted For

We have been in SoCal a little over a week.  We arrived safely and without incident.  As a special welcome gift, we were treated to a small earthquake a few days ago to remind us we are in California.  Although we’re not basketball fans, we also had an opportunity to witness the Lakers win the NBA Championship and the ensuing celebration that overtook the LA/OC area.

Our pace this week has been slow and leisurely as we’ve enjoyed reconnecting with family and our home church.  We are hoping to see you soon, so please don’t be shy about contacting us so we can arrange a time to get together.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wherever You Go There You Are

We made it!  We are now in California.  We arrived at LAX last night safely and without incident.  Our trip was long, but well worth the time investment.

We’re looking forward to seeing you.  Shoot us a message or call us at 714-618-1184 to get together.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Ready Or Not, Here We Come

Tonight we’re off to California. Our first flight leaves at 3 am from Bamako to Casablanca. We then fly Casablanca to London, London to Paris, Paris to Los Angeles. We finally arrive Wednesday night. We’re sure to be exhausted upon arrival, so we’re spending our first night at a motel just outside LAX.

We’re really looking forward to seeing as many people as possible and dining in as many restaurants as we can. ;-) We’ve also heard that next week is the final week for The Lion King in Orange County. If anyone has a line on tix, we’d really love to see it. But first it’s off to In-N-Out Burger!

Signing off from Africa

Sunday, June 06, 2010

A Giant Step Forward

Our YWAM base in Bamako is relocating as we’ve outgrown our current facilities.  We had another time of praise and prayer at the new property this past Friday.  We focused our prayers on finances as the $18,000 down payment was due on June 5th.  Last night, I received a phone call from our regional director who was very excited to report that a large donation had just been made and we now have all the money for the down payment!  Why does God always wait till the last minute?!  ;-)  We are happy to report the land purchase is now in full swing and the contract is being signed.  Please be praying with us as we work to raise the remainder of the purchase price.  If you are interested in sharing in this project, please let us know and we can provide information on how to make a tax-deductable donation.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Final Preparations

The countdown has officially begun…actually, it started several days ago.  School is out and we’ve finished up almost all of our responsibilities.   John is preaching on Sunday night, but other than that, we’re free to wind things down.  Our short-timer syndrome is really kicking in as the power cuts have been more frequent and lasting longer, hot season is lingering on, and there continues to be a constant stream of people coming to our door for various things.  Oh yes…let’s not forget the never-ending battle with ants in the kitchen.  Seriously, yesterday they were bringing in a bird piece by piece.  All in all, the WAWA (West Africa Wins Again) moments are steadily increasing.

We’re preparing our last minute tasks and getting packed.  A couple of days ago, we found out about a short term missionary that is going to be working in our neighborhood and looking for a place to stay.  His work dates in Mali coincide with our travel dates.  He is from Madagascar (which is more than a cartoon about some wacky animals.)  It is an island off the coast of East Africa.

We’re now just 3 days away from departure!  We would really like to see as many people as possible in California.  Please contact us as soon as possible so we can reserve a time to get together with you.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Okay…let’s change the topic a little.  We do have some time for leisure activity and try to stay connected with the Western world when we can.  For the last 6 years, our family has been engrossed with the TV series LOST (the show with the world’s shortest theme song.)  With the advent of technology, we’ve been able to download and follow the episodes via iTunes from multiple continents and countries.  We started in California, continued in Guatemala, France, London, and Mali.  We’ve also have all the DVD sets and they’ve become a hot commodity in the mission community here.

Our internet connection has been pretty bad lately and it took us 4 days to download the final episode.  And after all that waiting…wow…what a disappointment.  We had much higher expectations for how everything would resolve.  I guess it’s proof that we should be focusing on the real world.  Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.